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Aloha, We are a LED lighting ESSCO~Energy Shared Saving ,Electric Vehicle Infrastucrture and a Renewables Financing Company.

A local Oahu company partnered with very aggressive mainland working capital financing to help local businesses with a simple LED shared, paid by $avings programs to reduce your energy costs by 25% without the direct capital outlay.  

Local News....Hawai'i Pacific Health (HPH), comprised of four nonprofit hospitals and 44 "outpatiant" clinics and service sites, expects to save more then $1.2 million thanks to a LED lighting retrofit across its facilities.. "Enviornmental and energy News"


                                 WATT we can do for you

 Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the lighting industry, finance and project management . We $ave your company money and at the same time boost Hawaii’s economy by providing local jobs and creating a GREEN environment. Starting in Honolulu we are offering for a limited time an investor funded program that will allow you to achieve an immediate 25% savings on your lighting operating costs without any direct capital outlay. We can upgrade all of your lighting systems at no direct cost – the cash flow savings are shared and in sixty months you will own the systems outright. These programs are being created for HECO customers who are tiered at levels J, DS and P.

Our No up front cost LED lighting retro-fit programs include:

LED lighting by Philips and other leading manufacturers.
• Project Management and installation by local electricians.
• Peace of mind with a full 5-year local onsite service call maintenance    contract.

With these programs you can get the best of all worlds – higher quality lighting, lower electricity costs, immediate cash flow savings and lower maintenance costs. You can have a brighter future through LED lighting retrofits for all of your properties!

  • Watt one of our clients acting CFO  had stated...

"Buying LED's outright just does not make ROI sense for us currently. But no money out of pocket for a free 25% savings and stay energy compliant today...It's a no brainer"



                        The Ponds at Punaluu Retro Fit

                              Before LED                                                           After LED


A 75% less lighting  energy usage and 20 degree decrease in Hallway temperture

                                                             WATT !  

               NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET

                        ("Coconut Wireless")


                                           Our other Specialty



    (EVSE)~ Electric Vehicle Service Equipment.

                  EVSE Leasing programs available. 



Solar Leasing and PPA Programs Available Through.

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 Email one of our team members with your questions:

Administrative: Tia Ho

New Business Development  :  Bert Nakamura

New Business Development : 

New Business Development :  James Bond

EVSE Specialist/Certified Energy Auditor (C.G.B.P.) Todd Ritter

Director of Contracts and Finance: Dennis Watters


           WATT we know about sustainability

      Knowledge Is Power . Reducing Power is our Business

                   We Use Our Energy To $ave Yours!



Direct LED Lighting $ales Program's

With our direct procurement power we also offer direct sales and on-site installation programs for all your lighting applications to be retro-fitted with new LED's, for both indoor and outdoor. These continued benefits include reduction of overall utility costs by 50% to 75%, lower maintenance costs, the EPACT 2005 tax deduction (consult with your accountant), elimination of expensive EPA mandated disposal costs for fluorescent lights and high pressure sodium lights (HPS lights) and ballasts, no ultraviolet or infrared to degrade artwork and fabrics, reduction of air conditioning usage by 1 KW for every 3 KW of lighting energy due to LED’s cooler running temp and no more ballasts. Also available are local utility rebates of .05 cents per KWH saved as well as reduction in demand charges provided under the "Custom Performance" criteria of HECO's current rebate offerings. In new constuction gain up to 9 LEED certification points and of course reduction of carbon footprint and more. As an example, a warehouse using 400W of conventional lighting would need only 100W of LED lighting equaling a 75% savings.